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Welcome to Massachusetts, where the general idea of the auto insurance laws is really no different than in any other state – you simply have to have it in order to drive. Before you run out to find the cheapest car insurance in Massachusetts, though, you should take a few minutes to learn a bit about the coverage and how it differs from that found in other states.

Massachusetts No Fault Coverage

The type of automobile insurance required in Massachusetts falls into the category of no fault coverage. No fault coverage basically means that if you are in an accident your own policy will pay for your medical bills, as well as for the repairs of your vehicle, regardless of who actually caused the accident.

Even the cheapest car insurance in Massachusetts (MA) will include PIP, or Personal Injury Protection, which is designed to pay for any medical bills you incur. Residents are allowed to choose from several different levels of PIP coverage when they purchase their car insurance policies. Those with excellent health coverage often choose a very low PIP option but it is important to check with your health insurer before you make such a daring decision. Many standard health insurance companies will not pay for automobile related accidents because they expect automobile insurance carriers to pick up the tab.

Massachusetts Liability Coverage

Also required with even the cheapest car insurance in Massachusetts is liability coverage. Even though Massachusetts is considered a no fault state, every driver is required to have liability coverage in case the injuries or damage he causes (if he is found to be the person at fault in an accident) are severe. In most cases a driver would have to be sued and found legally responsible for the accident before his insurance carrier would be required to pay the other party involved.

It is important to remember that the insurance company will only pay to the level of coverage you purchase so even though you are looking for the cheapest insurance car insurance in Massachusetts you should be prepared for a possible penalty. If you purchase the minimum level of coverage, $20,000, and cause $30,000 in damages to one person you will be personally responsible for paying the additional $10,000 in damages.

Massachusetts Uninsured and Underinsured Coverage

There are only 5 states in the United States that require drivers to purchase uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. This type of coverage will protect you if the other driver, proven to be at fault for your accident, does not have enough coverage to pay your medical bills or if he has no insurance at all. The level of coverage you choose will pay any excess bills over your own PIP and whatever liability coverage that driver may have.

This site was designed to help you to obtain and compare several of the cheapest car insurance companies in Massachusetts. We hope you’ll find exactly what you need so that you can hit the road knowing you’re protected from the unknown.

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