Do I Really Need to Buy Collision Coverage?


One of the most commonly asked questions we get from Billings drivers purchasing insurance revolves around the subject of collision coverage. Collision coverage was designed to protect drivers who cause damage to their own vehicles. After paying a simple deductible, your car insurance policy will pay for the damages to your vehicle. It’s always worth obtaining your auto insurance quote in Billings with collision coverage. If it’s not an option you want to pursue you can remove it before purchasing your policy.

Am I Required to Have Collision Coverage?

Most states do not require drivers, in general, to purchase collision coverage. The only time you would be required to purchase collision coverage is if it is listed as part of a financial contract. If you finance or lease a vehicle you will be required to purchase both collision and comprehensive coverage, protecting you against theft and vandalism, from the time you take possession of the vehicle through the final payment on your loan.

If this is the case you should definitely shop around for different auto insurance quotes in Billings. The rates for collision coverage can vary significantly based on the value or make of your new vehicle so if you’ve never purchased a new car before you’ll want to obtain a number of quotes with different deductibles to see which work best for you.

How to Determine if Collision Coverage is Necessary

Still not sure if you need to purchase collision coverage for a vehicle you own outright? Do a little bit of research and find out what the Kelly Blue Book value is on your car. Compare it to the deductible you’d have to pay if you were in an accident and take the age of your vehicle into consideration. If the value of your car is still relatively high you may want to consider purchasing collision coverage, or at least including it on your Billings auto insurance quotes to get an idea of the rates. If you go without it and get into an auto accident you may find the cost to repair your car is unaffordable – a situation no one wants to end up in.

Combine both collision and comprehensive coverage and you’ll have what is known as “full coverage” – or a fully protected vehicle. Our website is designed to help you obtain auto insurance quotes in Billings for whatever coverage options you desire. Once you have an initial quote you can change your options until you find a quote that offers you both the coverage and price you really need.

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