Does Cheap Florida Car Insurance Exist?


It's no secret that the world of insurance as it exists in Florida can be confusing, overwhelming, and incredibly expensive. Before you embark on a journey to find cheap Florida car insurance you should understand a little bit about the coverage required and why it costs so much to begin with.

Driving in Florida

Florida is notorious for being the home to a huge community of retired individuals. Many senior citizens enjoy spending either a great portion of or the entire year in Florida. While you may think that a community of senior citizens would make for a relatively safe driving environment, you must also remember that the state of Florida is full of tourists as well. Every tourist is used to driving in his own home state and when you mix those driving styles together you end up with a very aggressive mix.

Aggressive is a nice way of putting it. Drivers in heavily populated tourist areas won't think twice about running a red light if they think they can get away with it. In especially high traffic areas you'll also see a lot of road rage, which also contributes to accidents and violations. The rain and wind don't exactly make driving easy, either. If you want to find cheap Florida car insurance you'll want to start by moving to an area that isn't in the center of tourism, preferably one with low traffic levels.

Florida Insurance Requirements

Drivers in the state of Florida are required, by law, to carry property damage liability coverage and personal injury protection. The least amount of property damage liability you can carry is $10,000 and the least amount of personal injury protection you can carry is $10,000 as well. Remember, though, that personal injury protection is to pay for your own medical expenses if you are in an accident, regardless of who is considered at fault. If you are in a major accident, $10,000 in coverage will not be nearly enough.

Finding cheap Florida car insurance or basic one should be relatively easy once you understand why rates are so high and what coverage you need. Use our site to submit your vehicle information to numerous carriers and, if you don't already live in Florida, experiment with a few different zip codes to see which areas might be best to live in. You deserve to be safe, and insured, but you don't deserve to pay an arm and a leg for coverage.

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