5 Tips for Working with Your Auto Insurance Adjuster


So you've had an accident. No big deal. While most people believe that insurance company adjusters are out to get them, to make sure they get as little reimbursement as possible, nothing could be further from the truth. If you cooperate with your auto insurance adjuster he'll be able to have your claim paid and closed in a very brief period of time. Here are a few tips to ensure that happens.

5. Obtain a Police Report

Obtain a copy of the police report associated with your accident and make sure it is mailed, faxed, or delivered to your auto insurance adjuster as soon as possible. If you work with a local insurance agent, get the information to him as soon as possible so that he can forward it on your behalf. Your adjuster isn't responsible for hunting down all of the reports pertaining to your accident and the more helpful you are the faster he'll be able to work on your case.

4. Report the Claim Immediately

It's your job to report your accident to your auto insurance adjuster as soon as humanly possible. Don't wait to see if the other party involved is going to call his company or sue you. Report it to your adjuster and let him help you deal with the other carrier, if necessary. Your policy stipulates you will report all accidents in a timely manner and if you don't you could jeopardize your coverage.

3. Take Pictures of the Accident Scene

Almost every cell phone these days has a camera of some sorts. If yours doesn't, throw a disposable camera into your glove box so that you always have on handy. If you get into an accident, take pictures of the scene immediately before you move your cars if you're in a safe area. Photograph your vehicle, the other person's vehicle, damage to property other than the vehicles, and any injuries you or the other party may have incurred.

2. Organize Your Information

Your auto insurance adjuster will call you to talk about your claim and if you have scraps of paper and pieces of information scattered around your house and car the process will take forever. Keep every piece of information regarding your claim in one folder so that you can easily access it and answer questions.

1. Be Polite

This is probably the most important yet least adhered to rule. Your auto insurance adjuster is a person, too. Speaking rudely to him won't solve any of your problems and it won't reverse the damage your accident has caused. Be cooperative and polite and your adjuster will be more willing to ensure you see your claim settled sooner rather than later!

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