How to Find Antique Car Insurance in NJ


Finding antique car insurance in NJ isn’t always easy. While most insurance companies are ready and willing to insure brand new cars and drivers, the older your vehicle the more difficult it becomes to find good, affordable coverage. The entire process is made even more difficult by the fact that there simply aren’t as many antique car insurers in the state of New Jersey as there are standard insurers. So how will you find an insurer for your antique car?

Search for Insurers

Start by calling local insurance agencies, not direct companies, and ask if they offer antique car insurance in NJ. If so, ask them what companies they partner with for antique insurance and make a list of the answers you receive. Some agencies will only partner with one antique car insurance provider while others will partner with several. Asking local agents what antique car insurance carriers they work with doesn’t obligate you to give them any information but will give you an idea of what markets are available for your antique car.

Speak to an Auto Body Specialist

As odd as this may sound, the auto body shops in your area can actually provide you with some very valuable information when it comes to antique car insurance in NJ. Many of these adjusters work on vehicles which have been involved in automobile accidents and know exactly which insurance companies are best when it comes to timely claim management and payment. They can also tell you which companies have the worst reputation and are most difficult to deal with, enabling you to steer clear even if that company offers you a low auto insurance quote.

Obtain Online Quotes

The best way to find antique car insurance in NJ is to get online and begin applying for quotes. Our website is designed to help you do just that, offering you with a series of insurance company options, many of which you will already be familiar with based on the research you’ve done by calling your local agents and speaking with your auto body shops. Obtaining online quotes cuts out the middle man, ensuring you are going to pay the absolute lowest price for antique car insurance possible. If you go to an agency for an actual quote you may end up paying extra service fees that have nothing to do with the actual cost of your policy or the coverage itself.

The services we provide on our website are designed to make your hunt for antique car insurance in NJ incredibly easy. Simply plug in your details, submit your information for a quote, and compare auto insurance quotes offered by some of the top carriers in the state. The final choice is up to you! Again, no obligation to buy and you can get as many quotes you need 24/7 anytime.

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