Non-Owners Auto Insurance


If you frequently borrow someone else's car, drive rental vehicles, or live in a metropolitan area, non owners auto insurance is vital to protecting you against liability in an accident. Unfortunately, many people know little about non-owners insurance, despite the benefits and savings they provide to policyholders.

To describe it simply, non owners auto insurance protects the policy holder against any type of damage they cause to people or property while in control of a vehicle they do not own. For a person borrowing a car, it's a huge relief to know that you can fix the damage caused to a vehicle that another person has entrusted in you, and also a huge burden to take off a friend's shoulders when lending you their vehicle.

Although many insurance companies only offer these types of policies on a limited basis, they are essential for anyone driving someone else's vehicle. For residents of metropolitan areas, New York for example, many people rely on public transportation, and will borrow a car when the need arises. A non-owners auto insurance policy steps in for the driver, and protects them in the event of an accident. This is doubly important if the car happens to be uninsured.

Since you are not the owner of the car, the only type of insurance you will be eligible for is liability insurance. This type of insurance is dedicated to protecting you financially for any damages that you cause in an accident. These costs cover the damages incurred to the vehicle you were driven, and reimburse the driver as long as your policy covers the cost of damages. This is an important point; so make sure that your liability extends to an appropriate amount of financial protection for the vehicle you are driving. A $25,000 policy may be adequate for a mini-van, but not so good for a Lamborghini, and as the driver, you will be responsible for the additional cost of damages.

Another demographic helped greatly by non owners car insurance are people who frequently travel. If you're used to hopping in planes and landing in a new city every day, you're probably used to driving a rental car as well. You'll also know that all rental cars require insurance. One money saving technique that you may not know, however, is that holding a non owner auto insurance policy can stop you from having to take out insurance from the rental car company every time you visit them. This cuts costs for the customer, and provides them valuable liability protection.

To purchase non owners auto insurance, simply ask for information about assigned risk program. As mentioned earlier, not all companies carry non owners vehicle insurance. Find several that do and request car insurance quotes on their coverage. Finding the most cost-effective program for you is as simple as filling out a few online forms and comparing the results.

Non owners insurance is vital for anyone who takes the responsibility of driving someone else's vehicle, whether it is a friend's car, or a rental. It's easy to research and well worth the protection.

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