Best Car Insurance in Modesto, California


Are you new to Modesto? If so, you’ll need to move quickly in order to find the best Modesto, California car insurance available for purchase. There are a number of great insurance agencies and companies in the area and finding one in your new home town won’t be as difficult as you anticipate. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Call Local Agencies

Your first step will be to call some local Modesto, California car insurance agencies. Let them know you’re new to the area and ask them what companies they work with. By calling several agencies you’ll get an idea of what carriers offer insurance in the area and you’ll be better prepared to do additional research on each insurer.

Contact the Department of Insurance

One of the best ways to find out about a car insurance company in the state of California is to contact the Department of Insurance. You can either visit the department online or call them directly. You should be able to access a database of information that will let you know if any of the Modesto, California car insurance companies (or any in the state) have had complaints filed against them. You’ll also be able to get a general idea of the types of rates they offer and how they compare to other insurance companies throughout California.

Check the AM Best Rating

Go on the internet and visit the website for AM Best. AM Best offers consumers a comprehensive database of information about not only Modesto, California car insurance carriers but of those around the entire country. The most important piece of information you can obtain from this site is an insurance company’s financial strength rating. Insurance companies with a rating of A or above (A+, A++) are generally very strong financially; those with B ratings are generally OK to deal with as well. The lower the rating, the less likely the company will be able to pay you in the event of a major automobile insurance claim.

Putting Your Information to Use

Use the information you’ve gathered to put together a short list of great carriers you’d like to approach for quotes. Then use our site to request quotes from all of the Modesto, California car insurance carriers you’ve chosen. We’ll help you obtain accurate quotes, compare the rates, and decide which one is the best coverage for you. It’s really that easy!

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