Comparing Classic Car Insurance Companies


When it comes time to purchase classic car insurance you're going to find that there are several high quality classic car insurance companies to choose from. There aren't many carriers that specialize in classic car insurance to begin with, however, so it is important that you understand exactly what you're looking for so that you can get the best policy at the best rate possible.

Liability Insurance for Classic Cars

The first thing you need to know and understand is that the state requirements for liability coverage, including both bodily injury and property damage liability, do not change when you switch from a standard auto carrier to a classic car insurance company.

You are still financially responsible for making sure you can pay for the damages you cause if you are responsible for causing an accident. You must also have personal injury protection (or medical coverage) and, in some states, uninsured and/or underinsured motorists coverage. Check your state guidelines to determine exactly what minimum limit of liability you must have.

Property Damage for Classic Cars

Property damage is one of the most important parts of a classic car policy and is one of the most complicated to purchase. The reason is because most people don't insure old vehicles for their replacement cost but if you have invested time and money into renovations your car is actually worth more than the standard Kelly Blue Book would value it.

When comparing classic car insurance companies it is important to make sure they are all giving you a quote for property damage, or comprehensive and collision coverage, based upon an agreed value the amount you both agree your car would be worth if it were totaled.

There are a couple of other options available but only an agreed value will ensure you get full replacement for your vehicle. A listed value or depreciated value will not compensate you for the money you've put into your car.

It's really not difficult to find good classic car insurance companies. Our site is designed to help you find and compare car insurance quotes online with the right coverage. You'll put your information into our system one time and we'll shop all of the classic car insurance carriers we have in our system for you all with the same coverage and information. Your toughest challenge will be choosing which one you like best!

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