Cheapest and Most Expensive Cities for Car Insurance in New Jersey


New Jersey is one of the most expensive states to be insured in. With an average rate of close to $2,000 ($1.981,97 as of February 2012), Liability insurance in New Jersey costs 18.6% more than the national mean of $1,671.16. Nevertheless, state averages don't tell a lot about the median prices in large metropolitan areas – you will see that even the cheapest city is still on top of the state's figures.

We have compiled a short list of the cheapest and most expensive cities in New Jersey to be insured in.

Top most expensive cities to be insured in New Jersey


Newark is the most expensive city in New Jersey to be insured in. Insurance costs an average of $3,127 and the mean policy in Essex County is of $2,820.

East Orange

East Orange residents pay an average of $3,066 per year for Liability insurance, which is $246 above the mean rate in Essex County and $1,082 above the national average.


Insurance in Elizabeth is also above the $3,000 mark – the average quote is of $3,003. The average insurance in Union County is of $2,712/


The average premium for Liability insurance in Camden is of $2,992, more than $1,000 higher than the state average. The average cost of Liability coverage in Camden County is of $2,408.

Top cheapest cities in New Jersey to be insured in


Middlesex County has an average premium of $2,241. Liability insurance in Edison costs a bit less – only $2,169 – but is still higher than the New Jersey state average.


The average policyholder in Trenton will pay $2,587 for a Liability policy. The rate is 14.33% higher than the Burlington County mean rate, 31% higher than the average New Jersey premium and 55% more than the national one.


The average Liability insurance in Clifton costs $2,785, higher than the Passaic County average of $2,650.


Paterson is only five miles north of Clifton, so rates can't differ that much. The average Liability premium in Paterson is of $2,873, a little higher than the mean cost of $2,650 in Passaic County.

As a rule, insurance in major metropolitan areas will cost much more than rural residents will pay. And NJ car insurance< in the suburbs costs less than what downtown residents have to pay. Moving to a less popular area might save you a small fortune in premiums over the lifetime of a policy.

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