Cheap Classic Car Insurance


The process of insuring a classic or antique automobile is a little more complex than insuring your day to day automobile. Despite the eccentricities involved with insuring a classic car you'll find that the work is well worth the effort. If you want to find cheap classic car insurance, though, you'll need to understand a bit about how this specialized policy is designed.

Classic Car Insurance Policies have Age Limitations

The first thing you need to understand is that most classic car insurance companies have age limitations. Many will not insure a classic car on a policy with a driver under the age of 25. You may find a company willing to make an exception but if you really want cheap classic car insurance you will want to ensure that any young drivers in your household have their own vehicles with primary insurance coverage first. That way the underwriters won't assume the youngest drivers in your household are driving your classic car on a regular basis.

Protecting Your Classic Car

When you apply for classic car insurance the underwriter will ask you where and how you store your vehicle when it is not in use. You're bound to get cheaper classic car insurance rates if you are storing your vehicle in a locked garage or under a closed carport than if you are leaving it on the street or unprotected in a driveway. As a matter of fact, if the car is unprotected the company may refuse to give you any coverage at all.

Driving Restrictions

The less you drive your classic car the better when it comes to finding cheap collector car insurance. Most insurance companies recognize how valuable your classic car really is and, as such, they expect you're doing what you can to prevent it from being damaged. This includes driving more often than you need to. Most policies will restrict the mileage you can drive your vehicle to a few thousand miles per year. They expect you'll drive a newer vehicle when serving your personal day to day needs.

Searching for Cheap Classic Car Insurance Online

One of the best ways to find cheap classic car insurance is by looking for coverage online. Our site is designed to help you do just that, gathering competitive quotes from the major classic car insurance companies in your area. All you need to do is compare the quotes and pick the one you like best. It's really that easy!

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