California and Colorado Car Insurance


Finding great car insurance in a new state can be tough and for some the rate of insurance in any given state is the deciding factor when it comes to the decision to move. The average cost of car insurance in Colorado and California is, believe it or not, at a rate worth considering.

California Car Insurance

According to RateWatch, a national database that compiles information regarding the average car insurance rate in each state, the cost of car insurance in California in 2009 was around $1,729 per year. While $1,700 per year isn’t necessarily the lowest, these premiums are worth considering because of the rate at which California car insurance rates seem to be dropping. The average driver, with a good driving record and no accidents, saw a decrease of about 10% when comparing policies from 2008 and 2009.

Colorado Car Insurance

If you don’t mind living in a colder climate, the average cost of car insurance in Colorado is even more impressive. According to RateWatch, Colorado residents saw an even larger decrease in their premium rates in 2009, with the average cost of insurance going down a little more than 12%. Most Colorado drivers are paying, on average, $1,478 per year for automobile insurance coverage.

Finding California and Colorado Car Insurance Quotes

You have quite a few options if you’re currently comparing the costs of car insurance in Colorado and California. You can certainly search for quotes by calling local agents but if you aren’t local yourself you may be wasting time with long distance phone calls. Your best option is to use this site to gather quotes from a number of different insurers at the same time.

After entering your potential new address and vehicle information, including your potential new address and zip code (pieces of information imperative to obtaining a proper quote), you’ll be presented with a number of quotes from different carriers in each state. You’ll find that the cost of car insurance in Colorado and California will vary greatly depending on the part of each state in which you choose to live but the overall costs are generally affordable compared to most other states.

Here, at Car Insurance Hub, we can help you find quotes in not only Colorado and California but within almost any state in the country. Simply enter your current car insurance information, ask for quotes with coverage comparable to what you currently have, and watch the numbers roll in. You won’t regret the decision to compare auto insurance rates online!

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