How to Compare Auto Insurance Rates Online


The world of automobile insurance can be very confusing. Individuals looking for new insurance often walk into the first local agency they see and depend on the licensed agent behind the desk for the most accurate information and valuable quotes. Unfortunately, insurance agencies are in business to make money and what your agent offers you will be limited by both the insurance company partnerships and what the agent thinks is low enough to compete with what you have - which is not necessarily the lowest quote available. If you want to get a truly accurate picture of what is available you may want to compare auto insurance rates online instead.

Compare Apples to Apples

Before you attempt to make an online car insurance comparison you should be confident in the type of coverage you already have. Pull out your current policy and keep it by your side as you fill out your online quote information sheets. Make sure you choose the same coverage you currently have every time you request a quote. Doing so will ensure that the rates you are receiving are for a comparable product. You can always go back and change the limits of liability, or any of your other coverage, later on.

Be Honest

Every single time you fill out a quote request form to compare auto insurance rates online you will be asked if you have ever had any accidents or violations. Don’t think that you can lie or reduce the number of incidents in order to reduce the quote you may receive. The truth is that the insurance company you choose will run your motor vehicle report and obtain your claim information before issuing your policy. If they find you have lied on your application you will either find your rate increased or the underwriters may completely reject your application.

Quote Multiple Policies

Do you have both automobile and homeowners insurance coverage with the same company? If so, make sure you complete your car insurance comparison by asking the online companies to quote both policies as well. Many carriers offer multi-policy discounts and if you do not get quotes for both types of coverage you won’t have an accurate picture of what your auto rates really are. Some companies may be cheaper without the multi-policy discount but others may be similar to what you already have. Moving one policy to a new carrier without the other could actually cause your overall insurance total to increase.

This site can help you to compare auto insurance rates online quickly and easily. Before you know it, you’ll have more car insurance options than you ever thought possible!

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