Understanding Auto Insurance Medical Payments Coverage


Every state has different requirements when it comes to the type of automobile insurance you must carry. While almost every state requires you to carry bodily injury and property damage liability, not all states require you to carry medical payments coverage. Some of the states that do not require this coverage offer it as an additional option. But what does auto insurance medical payments coverage really entail?

When Medical Payments Coverage Applies

Medical payments coverage, when included on a policy, generally pays for the medical bills incurred by you or any passengers riding in your car while you are in an accident. Auto insurance medical payments coverage will also pay your medical bills if you are riding in someone else's car or if you are hit by a vehicle while walking as a pedestrian. In some cases, this coverage will also pay for funeral expenses if there is a death involved in the accident.

Understanding Medical Payments in No Fault States

There are 12 states and one territory that consider themselves "no fault." This means that it does not matter who caused the accident. Your own policy will pay for your medical bills and expenses first. In these states you can't go after a person's bodily injury liability coverage for compensation until your own personal injury protection, or medical payments, limits are exhausted.

In no fault states you'll find that Personal Injury Protection is extended to include more than just medical bills. Depending on the level of auto insurance medical payments coverage you choose you may also have coverage for lost wages and even child care costs associated with your inability to care for yourself and your family.

In no fault states you also have the option to list your primary health insurance policy as your medical coverage. This is a great way to reduce your premiums but you have to take special care to check your health insurance policy first. Some policies exclude auto related accidents because they believe your auto insurance policy should pay for this type of expense first.

When you use our site to apply for a quote you'll automatically receive information on what type of auto insurance medical payments coverage is available in your state. Check your current auto policy and request quotes for the same coverage you already have first. You can always go back and change the limits if you want to compare the prices for different coverage options.

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