Do I Really Need Antique Car Insurance?


Every vehicle needs to be insured if it’s going out on the road but the insurance needs of an antique car owner are often much different than those for a regular car. Those with antique or classic cars should definitely consider purchasing antique car insurance online, not just because it’s more affordable than a regular insurance policy but because it provides better coverage tailored to the unique value of an antique automobile.

Why a Normal Automobile Insurance Policy Won’t Work

If you call an insurance agent and ask for a quote for your antique car you’ll probably be given a quote through a specialty company like American Collector’s Insurance. American Collector’s and other similar companies specialize in offering antique car insurance coverage alone. The reason is two-fold. Most standard car insurance companies have a maximum age requirement for vehicles they will insure with comprehensive and collision (or physical damage) coverage and, if they do, they will only insure your vehicle for the Kelly Blue Book value – not it’s actual replacement value as an antique.

Finding an Antique Car Insurer with a Good Reputation

There are very few antique car insurance companies for drivers to choose from and even fewer have a great reputation for excellent customer service and great coverage. Companies like American Collector’s Insurance are well known antique insurers, offer a great value for the price, and ensure your antique vehicle is properly insured so that if it is damaged in an accident you’ll recover its full antique value, including what you’ve paid to upgrade and restore it.

What You Need to Know about Antique Car Insurance

Antique car insurance policies are easy to obtain but difficult to qualify for. There are certain stipulations you must meet in order to be issued a policy. These include:

• Most antique car insurers require policy owners be at least 25 years of age or older.
• Antique car owners must have a secondary vehicle that can be driven regularly and that vehicle must be insured under its own policy.
• The antique vehicle must be kept in a closed garage or storage area when not in use.
• Most antique car insurance companies will limit the number of miles the antique vehicle can be driven in any given year.

Having an antique car insurance policy through a carrier like American Collectors Insurance, or any of the other well known carriers, will ensure your investments are protected. Our sites are designed to help you compare quotes from antique insurers, just as we would help you compare rates with any other online auto insurance carrier. Plug in your information and prepare to save!

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