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We’re pretty sure it’s safe to assume that if you own an antique vehicle it is probably like a member of your family. You’ve invested a lot of time and money into maintaining your antique vehicle and now you need to insure your investment. It’s really easy to get an antique quote for insurance online but you first need to understand the different types of specialty coverage available.

Coverage for High Performance Vehicles

Some antiques fall into the category of high performance vehicles, depending on how you’ve restored them. Others, including exotic cars like Lamborghinis, fall into this category as well. The high values of these cars make them difficult to insure with standard car insurance carriers so you may need to look for an online car insurance quote in order to find out what your options are.

Antique vehicles in this category may still need to be insured under a classic and antique policy. High performance vehicles with high values but newer ages may need to be insured under a special policy as well but may not be quite as limited when it comes to the number of miles you’re allowed to drive. Ask your insurance agent if the value of your vehicle will trigger any special coverage stipulations when you obtain your quote.

Sports Car Coverage

The average car insurance company won’t insure a high value sports car, especially those used in racing, even if it is an antique and isn’t really used on the road any longer. In this case you’ll need to continue your search for an antique quote for insurance online, specifically indicating on your application that you need special coverage for an antique sports car.

When insuring a sports car you need to take special care to ensure that you have coverage to replace your glass if the windshield is broken, to provide coverage for custom sports parts added to your car, and to cover towing and labor to get your classic or antique sports car home safely if it breaks down while you’re on the road.

Classic Antique Coverage

Classic antique car insurance coverage will cover just about any vehicle that is over 25 to 30 years old but, as noted, many antique insurers place limitations on their policies. Make sure you read all of your antique car insurance quotes carefully to ensure you understand these special stipulations – including the requirement that you have another car available for regular use and that you have a safe place to store your antique.

Our site is here to help you find the best antique car insurance quotes possible for your prized possession. Let us help you find the coverage you deserve.

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