Need Anonymous Auto Insurance Quotes Online?


With levels of identity theft climbing to astronomical proportions, many people are suddenly finding it more important than ever before to safeguard their personal information online. While in the past this meant paying extra special attention to who was given access to financial data, these concerns have no spread to include any personal information, including names, addresses, and even birthdates.

Some companies are offering consumers options that seem a bit more private but even if you are able to obtain an anonymous auto insurance quote online, is there any guarantee the rate will be the same when you do decide to finally find coverage? It's possible but in most cases doesn't happen.

Mandatory Pertinent Details

Some pieces of information are the same across the board. The year, make, and model of your vehicle, for example, will trigger certain rate codes in your company's quote database. These, coupled with the limits of coverage you choose, will give your company a great base rate to start with. The answers to additional questions, revealing more about you personally, will determine your final rate, making it nearly impossible to obtain anonymous auto insurance quotes.

How Your Personal Information Affects Your Rates

There are several pieces of information an auto insurance carrier needs in order to provide an accurate quote. Without these, the rate you are given will likely be incorrect and once you convert from an anonymous auto insurance quote online to a real policy you may be surprised to find your rates are actually higher than you had anticipated. Here are a few examples of the information you'll be asked for and how it will affect your rates:

  • Your address will let the company know what type of neighborhood you live in. Those who live in the city are likely to pay a higher premium than those who live in sleepy suburbs.
  • Your date of birth will let the insurance company know how much experience you have as a driver. The younger you are the higher your rates are likely to be.
  • Your driver's license number will allow the insurance company in question to run your motor vehicle report (to see what violations you may have) and your CLUE report (to see if you've had any accidents).
  • Your social security number allows companies to run your credit score. The lower your score, the higher your rates will end up.

While these pieces of information are usually closely safeguarded you can easily see how opting for anonymous auto insurance quotes might hinder your ability to get an accurate quote. We, at, closely safeguards personal information, in order to obtain your next batch of auto insurance quotes online anonymously. We have locked information system that ensures your personal information will go no further than the companies in question!

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