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Saving on Auto Insurance in Elizabeth


The rising costs of auto insurance and fuel has led some drivers to seek out alternative modes of transportation. What most don’t realize, however, is that the changes they’re making to their lifestyles may help them to save money on car insurance, thus reducing the cost of the policies they’re already using less frequently. Keep the following in mind as you obtain auto insurance quotes in Elizabeth.

How Often Do You Use Your Vehicle?

Many of those with relatively long commutes, or who live in congested cities, have opted to leave their cars in the driveway and take public transportation to work. Others are riding their bikes or walking instead of paying for gas, tolls, and parking. If this is the case with you, make sure you tell indicate that you use your vehicle for pleasure and not for driving to work with you request your Elizabeth auto insurance quotes.

Depending on the carrier you are working with, this change could potentially reduce your premium because the insurance carrier will realize you are not driving your car during some of the busiest times on the road. In some rare instances, though, a company may rate a “pleasure” usage with a higher premium because they’re worried you’re driving your car all over the place at all hours. The latter, however, is generally not the case.

Tracking your Mileage

Some insurance companies keep track of how many miles per year you drive your vehicle. When you request an auto insurance quote in Elizabeth you’ll be asked to give an estimate of how much you drive. The lower the number, the lower your premium rates will be. If you drive under 10,000 miles per year, your insurance rates will be at their lowest.

The problem with this type of rating system is that some people are tempted to lie about how much they drive. Just know that your insurance company will regularly survey you to find out what your actual mileage is and, in some cases, your odometer may even be checked. Be truthful at all times when giving your personal information to an insurance carrier.

Making a few simple changes to your driving habits before you start searching for Elizabeth auto insurance quotes can make a huge difference in your overall annual premium, sometimes saving you hundreds of dollars per year. So think before you get in the car – do you really need to drive?

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