Introducing Infinity Auto Insurance


When it comes time to start looking for new auto insurance you're going to find that you have a myriad of options to choose from. When you use our site you'll have access to dozens of different automobile insurers, all of which are providing the most competitive quotes possible. Infinity Auto Insurance is just one of the many we make available to you.

About Infinity Auto Insurance

Infinity is one of the top rated property and casualty insurers in the United States, ranking in the top 50. The company is the second largest in the country when it comes to writing non-standard automobile insurance policies with the help of its carefully selected team of independent agents. Infinity Auto Insurance has been in business since the 1950's and specializes in writing policies for both excellent drivers and those who may have made a few mistakes in the past. The company also specializes in catering to the needs of those who need something other than your typical, standard, car insurance policy. If your age, occupation, or vehicle type has caused your insurance rates to skyrocket you may want to consider seeing if Infinity has something more competitive to suit your needs.

Infinity employs more than 2,100 people in different states throughout the country and that number doesn't even begin to include the independent agents the company has on its side. Infinity strives to offer the best coverage and best customer service possible, no matter what your personal situation entails.

Infinity Auto Insurance Companies

Most large insurance companies have several smaller sub-companies under their umbrella. Having multiple small companies enables insurers to shuffle certain types of risk into the same category, reducing the odds of you being stuck with a carrier that has high rates because of the type of driver it insures even though you have a great record for yourself. Sometimes they separate different types of vehicles (like sports vehicles), occupations (delivery people, salesmen), or those who may be suffering from age discrimination with other carriers.

Some of the familiar names that fall under the Infinity Auto Insurance umbrella include:

  • Great American Personal Lines
  • Infinity Group
  • Atlanta Casualty Company
  • Leader Insurance Companies
  • Windsor Auto
  • Great American Contemporary Insurance Company
  • Great Texas County Mutual Insurance Company.

No matter what type of policy you need, Infinity Auto Insurance likely has a provider who can offer you some sort of coverage. Use our site to compare quotes from several car insurance companies in order to find out where Infinity rates in comparison to others. It's worth the effort to find out!

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