Finding Great Home and Auto Insurance Quotes


Are you looking for new insurance coverage for both your home and auto? Finding great home and auto insurance quotes has never been easier. Our site is designed to help you find competitive insurance quotes no matter what you're in the market for. Before you start comparing coverage, though, you need to know exactly what you're looking at.

Comparing Auto Quotes

When you complete the automobile insurance portion of your quote questionnaire you'll want to stick to coverage options and limits that are similar to what you currently have. Make sure you quote the exact same liability limits, deductibles, and additional coverage options. You can always change the limits later on but comparing quotes with the same coverage options first will make it easier for you to determine which carriers are offering the lowest auto insurance quotes.

Comparing Home Insurance Quotes

The type of homeowners insurance quote you receive will be determined based on the type of home you live in. There are different, specialized policies for renters, condo owners, homeowners, and even for property owners who rent their buildings to others. Make sure you check your policy to determine exactly what you have and, again, use the exact same limits to create your initial home insurance quotes.

Looking for Policy Discounts

There are a number of things you can do to ensure the home and auto insurance quotes you receive are as low as possible. The first, and most important, is to make sure that the carriers you are requesting quotes from are offering you prices on both policies. Why? Because most companies will give you a discount off of both your home and auto insurance policies if you insure everything together. You can save as much as 10% or more just by using the same carrier.

When quoting your auto insurance, make sure you include information about any anti-theft or safety devices installed in your vehicle. When quoting your home insurance, let your agent know about any special alarm or fire systems you have installed. These usually add extra discounts and are a great way to lower your overall rate.

Comparing Quotes Online

Our site is here to help you get the absolute best home and auto insurance quotes available. Give us your information, allow us to submit it to several high-quality insurance companies, and prepare to be amazed at the wide variety of quotes you receive. Compare the included coverage options and make whatever decision is best for you!

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